David Wasdell

Born in 1942, David Wasdell is a specialist in psychoanalysis, socialist “Divide and Conquer” strategy, and has been widely involved with numerous climate change organizations, within the Church of England 1969-76, at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (British Psychological Warfare Department) 1973-79, 1995, conducted Organizational Learning Seminars for the staff at WHO in Geneva in 1993 and acted as a Facilitator/Consultant for WHO in 2003, 2004, been a regular speaker at the Club of Rome, the Prince of Wales Business and Environment Program and provided briefing papers to the joint meeting of the Club of Rome and Globe International in the Palace of Westminster, as preparation for the secretariat of the G8+5 to be held later in 2009.

He is the Founder and Director of the Unit for Research into Changing Institutions, a Registered Educational Research Trust in the UK, and is International Coordinator of the Meridian Program (formerly the Manhattan Project of the Behavioral Sciences).

The Meridian Program originated on September 12, 1987, by merging four socialist streams of history into one now controlled from London. – (1) the Manhattan Project of the Behavioral Sciences from USA headed by Donald Cole the Director of the Organization Development Institute from Cleveland, Ohio. (2) The early policies of Perestroika (re-structuring) precipitated by the plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in April 1985. (3) The United Nations Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development “Our Common Future” headed by Gro Harlem Brundtland the then Prime Minister of Norway and (4) the ground-breaking research into the psychodynamics of organizational behavior contributed by David Wasdell, the Director of the Unit for Research into Changing Institutions from London, UK. The event took place in the USSR in a cramped conference room of the river-boat Alexander Pushkin. Its purpose: “To enable human integration for tomorrow’s world.” Hence the name “Meridian” given by Wasdell – meaning the circle passing through celestial poles and zenith of any place on the earth’s surface epi-centered in London at the Greenwich meridian!

David Wasdell works closely with Prince Charles, Sir Crispin Tickell and Al Gore.

by John D. Christian




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